Hey i'm Michelle Eads(: my url is I always have a smile on my face! I love making new friends and helping so if you need advice or someone to talk to even if you dont know me im here♥ I'm new to this so you should follow me and i'll follow back! please and thanks? I am 16 years old and i am in a relationship with the best guy ever his name is Chace♥ i would be nothing without him. Welp if you want to know anything else message me or ask me questions?

Hey loves💜

2 years:)

This reminds me so much of us. Because we fight but we have always stuck together because honestly i dont know what i’d do without you babes.♥
3. October 2013

Bored so F4f or someone should message me? Please and Thanks?(: ♥♥ 

I don’t know why but i love this song. It always puts me in a good mood! :)

I ♥♥ youu.<3
Casual homecoming with the babes<3
I love you <3 7-15-12
24. August 2013

You know you’re a good girlfriend when you spend your whole znight cleaning your boyfriends room..clearly because he is a slob but you love him anyways.<3


The people who dislike you, view your profile the most.


if you play with my hair until i fall asleep i will fall in love with you